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Free Shipping Order above $49.00!

IGET Bar Plus Starter Kit

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Original price $35.00
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The IGET Bar Plus is a new cutting-edge vaping device offering over 6000 puffs . With an extensive assortment of delicious and fruity flavors conveniently offered as replaceable pods, the IGET Bar Plus is crafted for a truly excellent and enjoyable vaping experience. With its long-lasting battery, fast charging USB Type-C and user-friendly design, you’ll never run out of puffs!

Nicotine salts: 40 mg/ml (Nicotine:20 mg/ml)

Battery: 650mAh

Puffs: Up to 6000Puffs

Child Resistant

1 Kit (Kit includes 1 IGET Bar Plus Device + 1 IGET Bar Plus Pod)

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